Comfort, simplicity and innovation have always been the brand spirit of TENXION. Its series of eyeglasses are made with the ultra thin, 0.5mm beta titanium with excellent ductility. The ergonomic design fuses the frame, temples and lens all into one. It also gives the wearer the best viewing position. The patented screwless lens mounting utilizes the nose bridge to change the lenses. It not only replaces the conventional rimlon mounting method, but also easily solves the problem of taking off the lenses without any tools. The thoughtful designs include light material, functionality that stresses comfort and innovative technology, which express TENXION’s fundamental insistence toward its products.


TenXion Glasses has insisted upon its design concept, which is to keep a simple, comfortable and stable structure, and choose light, ductile materials.  We not only require a popular appearance for our glasses, but are also concerned with the basic functioning of the eyes for optimum health. Therefore, through all-inclusive and innovative R&D and improvements, we performed quite rigorous tests for comfort and stability to develop an innovative signature product of simple structure, convenience in assembly and a stabilized visual focal length. The frames of TenXion glasses are made of 0.5mm beta titanium, known for its ultra-thin, lightweight and excellent ductility; the unique structure formed from the frames, mirror feet and the lens fits more ergonomically; the ultra-light material weighs only 3.5 grams, for an even more comforable fit. The functions of wearing glasses and holding the lenses have been improved comprehensively through a new and improved, patented structure. The innovative screw-free structure moves the lens-holding point to a place near the nose pad. This not only replaces the traditional way of screw dismantling or stabilizing of the lens with nylon thread, but also facilitates replacement of the lens without any tools. Anyone can replace the nose pad by hand and adjust it to the height of the nose. Through such improvements to the glasses frames, the all-in-one U-shape frame is cut into both the inside and outside frame, which is adjustable according to the difference in the wearer’s type of face. The lens remains in the focal position of vision which avoids any adverse visual impact caused by lens displacement and any damage incurred by the lens arising out of external deformation.

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